Monday, October 5, 2015

Tips Backlinks Gratis from Lomography

Share Tips Backlinks Gratis from Lomography, how to get Free Backlinks from Lomography?

Free good Backlinks from is very simple, and you can edit your homes or your profil.

How to get free backlinks from

1. Go to and register with your email account.

2. Finish register go to Dashboard and next click Setting

3. In url you can write your Avatar and Description, see in this picture bellow, how to write your avatar and description :

4. Finally your write avatar and description click save
5. See in your link homes profil example my profil :
SEO Backlink Lomography

6. Next you can make posting in your notes ( in this picture

How to embed photos: Just take the id of the photo you want to embed (the number at the very end of the url, for example 1234) and use this code: [Photo:1234]. If you want to embed a gallery of more photos, let us say three photos, one with id 1234, one with 1235 and one with 1236, then use this code: [Photos:1234,1235,1236]. Videos can be added this way: [Video:] (just replace the URL of course). To embed your photos you can also drag’n’drop them from below to the the textarea above. If you want to link another user just use @username. If you wanna add a link use this code: "Lomography":
writer live link in your notes example your link :
["Good Free Backlinks lomography":]
See in this picture how to write your notes in lomography :

7. Finally write your notes click Published and click SAVE, your notes get mores backlink for your blog.
My Notes in Lomography : Seo Backlink Lomography
My Notes about this Post : Abbegrt - Form Auto Create Open Backlink High PageRank

Good luck get Free Good Backlink from Lomography

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